Cooper S.

Thank you Animal Farm Foundation for providing FACE with a grant that helped save Cooper’s life!
FACE Success Story “Cooper” and his “dad” are the best of friends! His dad rescued him from a shelter 3 years ago and in that time Cooper has become his world. His dad moved them to San Diego and not long after, he lost his job and fell into debt as he struggled to keep his head above water with 2 part-time jobs. To make things worse, Cooper suddenly came down with a painful spine disease that was crippling him and required emergency surgery to fix. This life-saving operation cost thousands of dollars and Cooper’s dad was heartbroken when he realized he could not possibly save his best friend who had helped him through so much. Luckily, he was referred to FACE and we were able to grant this little family the funds they needed so Cooper could have a second chance at life! Thank you to Save-A-Life partner Veterinary Specialty Hospital for working with FACE to save Cooper!