Coco B.

Meet “Coco!” Coco is a handsome two year old Poodle who has plenty of love to give! He happily lives with a doggie brother, two human siblings ages six and ten, and two caring “parents.” Coco always stays in the house but one day he escaped and was hit by a car. He had a broken leg that required surgery and after exam costs and diagnostics, his family could not afford to spend any more money. When the vet said the only other option was to put Coco to sleep his family knew they couldn’t let that happen. Luckily, the Veterinary Specialty Hospital of San Marcos is a Save-A-Life partner with the FACE Foundation so they referred this family to FACE. After a quick application process Coco was approved for the funding his family desperately needed to save him!

Special thanks to the Robb family for being a FACE Life Sponsor.