Meet Chloe, pictured here with her three beautiful babies! Chloe is doing a fabulous job as a new mother now, but she experienced some serious complications with the delivery… Chloe had to be rushed to the veterinarian for an emergency cesarean or she, and the puppies, had a high chance of passing away. Her family had been struggling financially during the COVID pandemic and could not afford the full cost of the care needed to help this mom-to-be. Thanks to our generous supporters, Chloe was able to have a c-section and successfully deliver all of her pups! After recovering, she and the puppies are scheduled to be spayed/ neutered to prevent future medical complications.

We owe a huge thank you to FACE Partner Hospital and Life Sponsor, VCA Animal Medical Center, El Cajon for not only saving one life, but four! They helped the family with the application, offered a generous discount on services, and performed the surgery. They are also a sponsor of FACE’s upcoming Bags & Baubles event! We could not be more grateful for their continued support and partnership.