Chiquitin is a seven-year-old adorable Chihuahua who has been with his family all his life. His “mom,” Angelina, is disabled and lives with her working son, Jose, who helps to support their family. Chiquitin’s family adores him, and Jose includes him in everything from big family get-togethers to hiking on San Diego’s beautiful trails.

Last week, Chiquitin was in the yard when a Coyote got onto his family’s property and attacked him: one of the many dangers of Coyote season. Luckily, Jose was able to stop the encounter and rush Chiquitin to the hospital.  He had multiple bite wounds, a damaged lung, and rib fractures. Emergency treatment and surgery was needed for Chiquitin to survive.

Jose and his family were able to treat Chiquitin for three days, but he still needed a surgery to fix his lung and ribs. They were out of funds, even after crowdfunding online with friends and family. Thankfully, their veterinarian referred Jose to FACE Foundation. After reviewing their application for assistance, FACE was able to provide a life-saving grant that for Chiquitin’s surgery. Chiquitin is now at home recovering, and his veterinarian and family both report he is doing very well. FACE is so grateful for the support of our generous donors who make saving pets and helping families possible.