Meet the beautiful “Chevelle!” This gorgeous long-coat Chihuahua is the heart of her family. When Chevelle became sick and started vomiting uncontrollably her parents rushed her straight to the hospital. Chevelle had eaten something that her little body was not able to digest or pass through her intestine. It was determined she would need immediate surgery to remove the foreign body. Chevelle’s “mom” had recently lost her job and was trying to ease the financial burden on her husband by taking photography jobs here and there. Chevelle’s “dad” was working full time but because he was the sole source of income for his family at that time he did not have the funds they needed to save Chevelle. Feeling helpless, they reached out to friends and family to attempt to raise money. They still came up short. By chance they heard about the FACE Foundation and decided to give it a shot. FACE approved Chevelle for a grant and she was swiftly put into surgery over at South Bay Veterinary Hospital to have the foreign body removed. Chevelle’s life was saved and her family gets to stay together for many more years!