This adorable little kitty is Cheesy! After only having Cheesy for 2 weeks, his newly adopted family was at risk of losing him simply because they couldn’t afford the cost of his care. Coincidentally, the thing that he is named after is what got him in trouble- cheese! After the family’s toddler threw a piece of cheese into the air, Cheesy jumped after it and landed wrong, leaving him with an injured leg. Cheesy needed weeks of splinting and bandage care but after layoffs due to COVID, his family could not afford the medical bill. Determined to help their new baby, they reached out to FACE for help. Thanks to Life Sponsor Sky Facial Plastic Surgery, Cheesy got the care he needed and is now recovering at home with his loving family!

Shout out to VCA California Veterinary Specialists for helping the family with the application and for performing the care.