Chavito R.

This smiling boy is “Chavito!” Chavito is a senior dog but is still a puppy at heart. His family has had him since he was a puppy and he has 3 other furry brothers to join in the fun. Chavito’s “mom” lives with her parents and works part time. Her dad is self-employed with his own landscaping business and her mom is a home maker. One morning they noticed Chavito crying because he seemed unable to jump onto the bed and later that day he began walking with a limp. His symptoms quickly worsened and by the next day poor Chavito was dragging one of his hind legs. His family was worried. They took him to the vet and Chavito’s “grandparents” paid hundreds of dollars for his exam and x-rays to be done. Chavito was finally diagnosed with having a spine disease and his family was told there wasn’t much time to save him. The amount they were quoted for his surgery was beyond anything they could dream of paying for. They turned to FACE and we were able to approve the funds for Chavito’s surgery with no time to spare! After his surgery Chavito’s mom reported he was doing extraordinary. “We are very glad he is back with us and he is very happy to be back as well. My family and I want to thank you for all the help, we appreciate everything you did for us and Chavito.” This happy ending was only possible because of a generous grant from the Grey Muzzle Organization.