Charlee D.

This little Chihuahua mix is named “Charlee!” Charlee and his doggy brother were rescued from the Humane Society by their “mom” and have been her spoiled, furry babies ever since. Their little family was happy as can be when one day Charlee tumbled out of a window and fractured his leg. His mother felt terrible that this happened and her guilt grew when the vet told her how much the surgery to repair his broken bone would cost. She instantly knew she would not be able to come with all that money up front, despite the fact that she had a full-time job. She reached out to many different organizations for help but soon exhausted all options. Luckily, she was referred to the FACE Foundation by Bodhi Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital at the last moment. FACE was able to pay for Charlee’s fracture repair surgery! Had it not been for FACE, Charlee’s little family would have lost a beloved member to “economic euthanasia.” Donations to FACE make miracles like this possible!