CeCe A.

FACE is proud to introduce a grantee named “CeCe!” CeCe was only 9 months old when she broke her leg and found herself in the emergency room with her concerned pet parents. The sudden trip to the vet cost them hundreds of dollars. As a family of 6 living off one income, this unexpected expense wiped them of any money that was designated for their living expenses. Upon hearing how much CeCe’s life-saving treatment would cost, her family was devastated, as they had nothing left to give. Lucky for them, FACE teamed up withPETSURG & ER4PETS to help alleviate their financial burden. After receiving an emergency grant, CeCe went into her surgery and came out stronger than ever! Her family was extremely grateful, “Thank you for your kindness and quick response to my case. I appreciate it from my heart.” FACE is thrilled to have been able to help and let this family choose life for their sweet kitty, CeCe.