Captain is a very special guy! Originally found as a stray, fending for himself, this three-legged pup was adopted into a wonderful, loving home. Captainís mom is a true animal lover. A single parent, she works at a local shelter helping to improve animalsí lives every day.

Unfortunately, Captain was diagnosed with Legg Calves Perthes Disease in his remaining rear leg, a disorder which caused him a great deal of pain. His mom was devastated, but struggled to come up with the funds to pay for the surgery that could correct this issue and save his leg. She tried everything, including starting a fundraising page, holding garage sales and asking for the help of friends and family.

Captainís mom reached out to FACE to share her story and love for this amazing little dog. FACE was able to partner with his treating hospital so that Captain could continue brightening his momís days with his positive, determined spirit!

ìHe has been the best thing to happen to me,î said Captainís mom. ìHe gives me such hope. I have never seen someone with so much enthusiasm for life! He wakes up every morning ready to have a great new dayÖî