Candy Corn

Candy Corn is a sweet one year old cat who came into her owner’s life as a stray. Her and her sister were left in a box outside of an apartment complex, and when her ‘mom’ discovered them it was love at first sight. She brought them into her life with open arms and never looked back. Recently, Candy Corn started limping on her leg. After many vet visits, it was determined that Candy Corn needed a leg amputation from unknown trauma. Her owner, a student, was overwhelmed with this discovery, but knew that she had to do what was best for Candy Corn. Due to financial constraints (she had been in a terrible car accident that left her in debt), she was unable to afford the full cost of the treatment required. Thankfully, she reached out to FACE who with the help of South Bay Vet Hospital was able to assist with Candy Corn’s surgery. Special thanks to FACE Life Sponsor The Greenbaum Foundation for helping to save Candy Corn.