Buster R.

This angel face is a 5 year old Lab named “Buster!” Buster is shy but beyond sweet. His “parents” are a young couple who were overjoyed to welcome him into their little family. One day, Buster’s parents noticed his back legs seemed to be a little shaky. They paid close attention and watched as his condition became worse and overnight their sweet boy could no longer move his back legs. When they tried to help him he seemed to be in agonizing pain. They were so scared that they immediately took him to the vet who diagnosed Buster with IVDD. The diagnostics themselves racked up a vet bill of about a thousand dollars. His parents were living paycheck to paycheck and had to use up all the money they would normally spend on bills. They didn’t mind spending so much, they just wanted to save Buster from the pain he was in. Without emergency surgery he would have to be put to sleep. FACE was contacted by our Save-A-Life partner Veterinary Specialty Hospital and we were able to pay for Buster’s surgery! None of this would have been possible without a life-saving grant from the Charles and Ruth Billingsley Foundation.