‘Dear Face 4 Pets Foundation,

My husband and I have thought long about what to write in this letter. My name is Amada and my husband is Jorge. Jorge works delivering auto parts to dealerships and I am currently a full time college student. It is hard to manage a household on such a limited income, but we always find a way to make it work.

Bully is the name of our pet that is currently in need of medical attention. My husband and I both know that pit-bulls have a bad reputation, but our Bully doesnít live up to his name in any way. He is the sweetest and friendliest pet any owner can hope for. We decided to get Bully after we had settled into our home in Vista, California. We were so happy when we welcomed him into our home. Bully was the cutest little fur ball and had the cutest white birthmark on his back. We always babied him and raised him the best that we would. We took him to Petco to get all his shots to make sure he grew up a healthy pup.

At the time of his arrival to our home our youngest daughter was 6 months old. When she would crawl Bully would follow her and watch her every move. They have grown up together except now heís bigger than her. Sometimes we wake up in the middle of the night because we notice sheís not in her bed and when we look for her we find her sleeping with Bully. It has become a daily routine taking her back to her bed at night. Our daughter is barely one year and ten months, but she misses Bully. She gives him many kisses and hugs so he can feel better. Bully gives us unconditional love and we have learned to love him so much that these past couple of days have been heart breaking, as a matter a fact I am beginning to tear up as I write this letter.

Bully is a great healthy dog and has never had any health problems since birth. My husband and I feel really guilty because we left him at home and he got into the trash and ate some rib bones. We were concerned after noticing he wasnít able to poop properly. We took him immediately to the vet and we had hope when the vet told us he just needed to be hydrated in order to be able to go to the bathroom. The first try didnít work so the vet recommended another try, but once again there was no success. Doing the two treatments for Bully has left us in a difficult financial situation, but we donít care as long as he feels better. What really breaks our heart is that there is not much more money left and if there isnít enough money then no surgery can be done to fix him. It breaks our heart.

Bully looks tired, stressed, sad, and worst of all in pain. We are really saddened to see him like this and we feel helpless because of our financial situation. We never thought that a dog could bring so much love and joy to our family. Every time any of us go home he is waiting for us at the door wagging his tail and sometimes he gets so excited that he doesnít know what to do. We hate seeing him in so much pain and not being his joyful self. I know that it is an expensive surgery, but I am asking the Face 4 Pets Foundation to please, please, please help us with our situation. We are willing to pay back any money awarded to us in order for our Bully to get better. Our home hasnít been the same since heís been sick and we donít even want to imagine how it would be without him. Bully is a healthy young dog that is only one year old. He has a long life ahead of him and I would hate for it to be cut short. I know that with our economy it is hard to provide this type of financial assistance, but if you are able to help that would be a wonderful blessing.’

As you may have guessed, FACE was able to help this loving family save Bully. Now he is back at home enjoying life again.