Brutus W

Brutus Willardson is a spunky Boston Terrier puppy, who, due to poor genetics and being the runt of the litter, suffered from a restriction in his colon.  He experienced great difficulty and discomfort during excretion, and his parents knew he needed urgently medical help.  After exploratory procedures and a colectomy, Brutus is celebrating life and the ability to relieve himself properly!  His family is so thankful for FACEís grantósupplied by the ASPCAóand hopes to forward and advocate FACEís mission. 

ìWords stumble and fail to articulate how grateful we are to you for your generosity!  The look on our daughterís face was priceless with the news that Brutus was able to stay part of our family and get the surgery he so desperately needed.î

-Brutusís mom, Kelly