Bob O.

Meet “Bob!” This adorable little guy is a one-year-old Tabby/Manx mix. His “parents” have two children who are now adults so Bob gladly took over the role of being the spoiled baby of the house. Unfortunately, Bob was constantly having problems with urinating and it was decided that surgery was the only way to fix the problem for good. Both of Bob’s parents worked full time: his “dad” repaired hydraulic equipment and his “mom” was a preschool teacher. Despite being a hardworking family, they simply could not afford this sudden expense. They could not fathom putting their little angel down, but time was passing by and something had to be done to relieve Bob from this pain. Luckily, they heard about FACE and applied for financial assistance. FACE was able to save Bob’s life and his family was spared the heartbreak of losing a family pet.