If you ask a family who has a beagle in their life to tell you about their dog, they’ll certainly tell you that the beagle dog breed is a scent hound and, therefore, has a great sense of smell. A nose to the ground kind of dog. They might also describe their dog as cheery, merry, amiable, intelligent, active, and the list goes on! But have you ever heard a family tell you that their beagle is blue? Yes, there is a rare variety of the beagle breed that is called a Blue Beagle or a Bluetick Beagle. And all the adjectives that describe breed personality are appropriate for the Blue Beagle as well. When he was a puppy and came to live with his human family, Blue really was blue! So what better name than Blue?

This little guy will have to remind himself when he goes on a walk that beagles are scent hounds. One morning the usually active Blue was lethargic and vomiting from time to time. He had some diarrhea and he didn’t have an appetite. Even water wouldn’t stay down. Time to go to the vet. Blue loves belly rubs but not this time because his tummy was tender to the touch and he tensed up when the veterinarian palpated it. What was the diagnosis? A foreign body which was causing intestinal obstruction. That’s especially serious because there is always a concern that the intestine could perforate and that’s life threatening. A decision was made to perform abdominal exploratory surgery. That’s when the stone was found. It’s one thing to keep your nose to the ground, Blue, but please don’t eat the rocks!

Blue’s charming personality and attitude toward life have returned. Now he can ask for a belly rub whenever he wants. If he’s not getting a belly rub, he’s out and about on walks, meeting new people and dogs. Blue loves everyone!