Meet Blanco! Blanco is an adorable one-year-old cat who lives with his loving family of four. Blanco has been with his family since he was kitten and they all completely adore him. Blanco is so important to his family that they immediately noticed he wasn’t acting like himself one day when he appeared lethargic and depressed.

At the emergency hospital, Blanco was diagnosed with a urinary blockage which was prohibiting him for urinating naturally. He was extremely uncomfortable in this state and if not treated, risked losing his life as his bladder could potentially rupture.

As a single income household, Blanco’s family struggles to live paycheck to paycheck. They were not prepared for such an emergency expense and had no idea how they could save their sweet cat.

Blanco’s veterinarian is thankfully in FACE’s Save-A-Life Stonework, and upon hearing about his family’s financial concerns, quickly informed them about our application process. Blanco’s family quickly submitted all documentation and were able to get approved for a grant from FACE!

Blanco had a longer hospitalization than normal, but ultimately was able to make a complete recovery! We’re so happy to share his success story with everyone who makes saving pets possible!