You’ve heard the nursery rhyme about the ‘itsy bitsy spider’, right? If you were asked the meaning of ‘itsy bitsy’, maybe you’d say it is the same as ‘itty bitty’ or ‘tiny’ or ‘small’. We’d like to introduce you to Bitsy, who is now a seven month old calico kitten. She may be named Bitsy but she’s a mighty force and you must take her seriously! Woe to the unknown dog who crosses her path.

When she was two months old, a little boy saw her on a web site and told his mom and dad that she would be a perfect kitten for the family. Bitsy had found her forever family and home. There were two boys, ages eight and five, and a dog with whom she got on famously. They ate out of each other’s food bowls and they slept together. One day when Bitsy was about six months of age, another family member brought his new dog to visit. Bitsy wasn’t happy and she showed it. When the resident dog tried to intervene, things took a turn for the worse. Bitsy’s sharp kitten claws definitely injured the visiting dog and in the process, Bitsy suffered a traumatic dog bite injury to the left thoracic limb (i.e., her left front leg). Further diagnosis revealed a radius/ulna fracture which would required surgical repair. The family’s finances were insufficient to cover the expense of surgery so FACE came to the rescue. Surgery was successful and now little Bitsy has a plate and screws in her leg.

Six weeks later, Bitsy is doing great. Her favorite thing to do is to search the laundry for socks. She loves them and they can keep her entertained for hours. Fling them in the air and catch them! Roll around on the floor with them! Bitsy doesn’t need expensive kitty toys so long as there is a sock nearby. By the way, Bitsy and the resident dog are getting on famously. The other dog who stopped by to visit has decided to stay away!