Bella Bear

This sweetheart is “Bella Bear” and she has been through a lot in her short two years of life. Her “mom” found her on the street as a baby and saved her from coyotes. Bella Bear and her mom found themselves in desperate need of assistance when she jumped off her human siblings lap and broke her little leg. Her mom works full time as a nurse assistant but she is a single parent of 2 children and lives paycheck to paycheck. Her income barely covers the cost of rent so she relies on food stamps to feed herself and her family. As much as she loves Bella Bear, she knew she didn’t have the money to save her. She did not want to relinquish, or worse, put her to sleep, so Bella Bear’s mom reached out to FACE for assistance to cover the cost of her girl’s surgery. As luck would have it, FACE was able to pay for Bella Bear to get her fracture repaired!

Special thanks to Life Sponsor Enterprise Rent-A-Car for their generous grant that gave Bella Bear a second chance at life!