Baylee H

Meet FACE grantee “Baylee!” This sweet Pug/Beagle mix is the glue that keeps her family together. Poor Baylee developed IVDD, a painful and crippling spine condition, right around the time her family was going through an especially rough patch. Baylee’s pet parents were struggling to care for two grandparents, one who was in the early stages of Dementia and another who would soon be undergoing brain surgery. To see their “Princess Baylee” in good spirits despite having to drag her legs was more than they could bear since they knew they could not afford the surgery to alleviate her suffering. Upon hearing about the FACE Foundation, they felt hope for the first time. Thankfully, FACE was able to work with Save-A-Life partner Veterinary Specialty Hospital to help this family get their furry family member the life-saving surgery she desperately needed!