This sweet boy is FACE Success Story “Bassie!” Bassie would not be here today without a generous grant from Animal Farm Foundation that allowed FACE to help his family pay for the life-saving vet care he needed.
It all started when 12 year old Bassie, who has always been in great health, developed this mass on his eyeball. Over time, his eye worsened until poor Bassie was in a lot of pain and the vet determined his eye was beyond saving-it needed to be removed immediately. Although Bassie’s “mom” worked two jobs to make ends meet, she came up short to provide the vet with the funds to get Bassie into surgery. She did everything could, started a GoFundMe page to raise money, reached out to friends and family, and eventually she applied for assistance with the FACE Foundation. To everyone’s relief, FACE was able to approve Bassie for a grant and help cover the cost of his surgery! Special thanks to Save-A-Life partner ABC Veterinary Hospitals in Pacific Beach for working with FACE to save Bassie!