Autumn K.

“Autumn” has been under the care of her current family when her owners were deployed to Japan and she needed a place to stay while they were gone. It’s been about a year so naturally her temporary family has grown to adore her as one of their own. One day, Autumn was viciously attacked by a coyote and she needed surgery right away to amputate her leg and stitch up the deep gashes on her body. Her adopted “mom” is disabled and recently widowed. In addition to the bird sanctuary she owns, she also works small jobs here and there to provide for her teenage daughter.  She was in no position to hand over thousands of dollars for Autumn’s surgery, no matter how badly she wanted to save her. Luckily, she was referred to the FACE Foundation and we were able pay for Autumn to get her emergency surgery! Autumn’s family in Japan heard about what was done to save their dog and they expressed their gratitude, “My military family would never have been able to afford to help save this sweet, loving, happy, and energetic dog. I can’t thank you enough for helping Autumn and my family.” Another family helped and another life saved!