After several days in the hospital and an emergency surgery, Apollo was very happy to be reunited with his loving family! After his “dad” noticed him straining to use the bathroom, he was rushed to VCA Emergency Animal Hospital & Referral Center. He was diagnosed with a urinary disease and doctors insisted he needed surgery to survive, but his family couldn’t afford the full cost of the care. After working in the health and fitness industry for many years, Apollo’s dad had to change careers because of mandated COVID closures. As he was starting off in a new business venture, Apollo’s dad couldn’t afford the emergency surgery. With no other options, he turned to FACE for help. Thanks to Life Sponsor Ruggable, Apollo’s got the care he needed and is expected to make a full recovery!

Apollo’s family is grateful to have him home. They said “Special thanks to the FACE Foundation for supporting and funding his surgery and hospitalization. Surgery was successful but now it’s a long road to recovery. Without your support and prayers, Apollo wouldn’t be back with his family.”