Annie A.

This sleeping beauty is “Annie!” Annie was brought home over 3 years ago when her “mom,” who works at a vet hospital, decided to make this sweet girl a member of her family. Her family already consisted of her son, 1 other dog, and 3 cats! They have a lot of love to give and Annie fit right in. Though there was no lack of affection amongst their family, though Annie’s mom sometimes struggled with the responsibility of being the sole source of income for everyone. Things got really difficult when Annie came down with IVDD, a painful spine disease that was crippling her. This condition was easily treatable but would cost thousands of dollars that Annie’s mom didn’t have. She reached out to FACE and luckily, we were able to pay the cost of her surgery! Annie was saved and her mom was spared the heartbreak of making a difficult decision just because of financial hardship.