Angel P.

“Angel” is a sweet Beagle who needed to have a cancerous tumor removed immediately if she wanted any chance of surviving. Normally, FACE is not able to fund for cancer treatments but because we received a grant from Blue Buffalo and Petco Foundation, we were now able to provide assistance to pets fighting cancer! Angel’s “mom” is deaf and works part time as a dog attendant with a local puppy training academy. Her husband buys and sells items from storage auctions. The family’s main source of income is disability for Angel’s mom. They and their 2 children had another dog and 2 cats who they adored. They were devastated to think they might lose Angel because they couldn’t afford for her tumor to be removed. Angel had been a part of their family for over 6 years. They heard about FACE and we were able to help them pay for Angel’s emergency treatment! Her mom reported that FACE’s Save-A-Life partner Pearson Animal Hospital did an amazing job with Angel’s surgery and was beyond grateful for the help to keep her “trooper” alive and well.