Alexis S.

“Alexis” is a friendly pooch who is “full of love for everyone and everything,” according to her human mom! She wrote to FACE describing Alexis as “a wonderful family dog.” Alexis had recently become pregnant and was having a difficult time birthing the puppies on her own. Her vet told her “mom” that without an emergency cesarean surgery, Alexis would die in a matter of days. Frantic, Alexis’ momturned to FACE and hoped for a miracle to save her best friend. She was unemployed and did not have any disposable income to pay the hospital the funds they needed for this life-saving treatment. Luckily, with the support of the Robb Family as a Life Sponsor, the FACE Foundation was able to grant Alexis and her family the money they needed! “Our family is so grateful that face stepped in to save her life,” expressed the family. They later reported that Alexis’ puppies were saved as well! Special thanks to Save-A-Life partner Care and Comfort Veterinary Hospital for working with FACE to make this miracle possible.