Meet Ace! This 2 year-old adopted pup was sick for about 10 days straight, constantly vomiting and unable to eat. After spending hundreds of dollars diagnosing him, his family found out he had a foreign obstruction and needed emergency surgery as soon as possible to survive. His family could not afford the cost of the surgery, so they started fundraising right away. They were able to raise a good amount, but not all that was needed until they contacted FACE. FACE partnered with Veterinary Specialty Hospital to save Ace, and now he is back at home with his family where he should be. Here is a thank you note written by his family to thank FACE and all the supporters who make saving lives possible:
‘To everyone at FACE: Our family can’t begin to thank you enough for your help. You absolutely saved our dog from an early death. We look forward to our chance to give back. You are truly a charity organization that saves lives and keeps families whole. You finally gave Ace the help he so desperately needed. Thanks for getting our dog home again, you are true angels. – The family and, most of all, Ace!’
Here is a photo of Ace, 5 lbs heavier, just 2 weeks after returning home.