Pets and Thanksgiving Dinner


With Thanksgiving just a few days away, you may be wondering if it’s OK to share some of your Thanksgiving feast with your dog or cat. Here’s some guidance to help you give a thumbs up or thumbs down to some traditional holiday foods, courtesy of Catster and Dogster.


Turkey: Yes. Skinless, boneless white meat is safest, as too much fat could upset their stomachs.

Gravy: Only in moderation, because of the fat and salt.

Mashed potatoes: No. Cats have difficulty digesting dairy, and they should never eat garlic, onion or shallot.

Stuffing: No. Keep cats away from bread, garlic and onion.

Cranberry sauce: OK for cats to eat, some like the taste, but some don’t.


Turkey: Yes. Make sure it’s skinless, boneless and fully cooked. White meat is best.

Gravy: Fine in moderation, as it is rich.

Mashed potatoes: Only if cooked very plainly, skip if they have lots of butter, cream, garlic or onion.

Stuffing: Only in moderation, and only raisin-free, as raisins are toxic to dogs.

Cranberry sauce: Yes, as long as it’s the alcohol-free type.

Make sure your pets don’t get into the Thanksgiving trash filled with turkey bones and meat trimmings. Bones are dangerous if swallowed and too much fatty meat and skin could lead to an upset stomach and even pancreatitis.

Happy Thanksgiving!