Pets and Apartments


Over 70% of pet owners live in rental housing.  What are some of the special concerns of pet owners who rent apartments? surveyed people who live in apartments with their pets to find out.  Here are some of the more interesting findings:

Types of pets owned by apartment dwellers

  • Cats  62%
  • Dogs  58%
  • Birds  7%
  • Reptiles  4%
  • Other  16%


Pet-related apartment problems

  • Hid a pet from the landlord  23%
  • Neighbor complained about the pet  15%
  • Moved because pet was unhappy in apartment  12%
  • Lost security deposit because of pet  10%

Apartment hunting and pets

  • Had a hard time finding a pet-friendly rental  83%
  • Lost out on an apartment because of no-pet policy  56%
  • Gave up a pet because of no-pet policy  21%
  • Landlord asked for pet interview before renting  14%

For tips on handling some of the challenges that go with living with pets in rental housing, check out this great advice from the Humane Society of the U.S.