Pet Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

Cat Christmas

This time of year is always fun, with lots of shopping, decorating, baking and party-hopping to keep us busy. But it’s also a good time to remember that the Christmas season poses some extra hazards to our pets. Here are a few useful pet safety tips to keep in mind during the holidays:

Holiday Plants: While beautiful and festive, plants such as poinsettias and lilies can be harmful to pets. Poinsettias are toxic to both dogs and cats. Be especially cautious of cats around lilies, as they are extremely poisonous to cats and even a small nibble could cause severe kidney failure.

Pet Toys: Who doesn’t like to give their pet a little gift around the holidays? Be careful when choosing a chew toy for your dog. Experts recommend toys that are too large to swallow, and strong enough so they won’t be chewed into tiny pieces.

Ornaments: When decorating the tree, be careful if you use glass ornaments. Both dogs and cats can knock ornaments off the tree, and if broken, the ornament pieces can be swallowed or get lodged in your pet’s paws.

Dog Christmas

Turkey Dinner: Many of us cook turkeys this time of year. If you do, don’t give the bones to your dog to chew on, and make sure your pets don’t get into the bones on their own. Small bones or pieces of bone can get stuck in the throat and require a trip to the vet.

Pain Relievers: Had a little too much good cheer at the office Christmas party? Be sure to keep your non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) pain relievers away from your pets. This type of drug is poisonous to dogs and cats, and should never be given to pets.

Sugar Free Gum: Gum is great for those unexpected mistletoe moments, but make sure your dog doesn’t get into your holiday stash. Sugar free gum contains an ingredient called Xylitol, which is toxic to dogs.

For more info on holiday pet safety, check out the Pets Best Insurance website HERE.