Paws for a Cause: Help Save Melvin

3/29 UPDATE:

Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, Melvin was able to have his surgery on Friday! The operation went smoothly and Melvin is set to return home soon to begin the recovery process with his loving family.

Any donations in excess of Melvin’s care will go towards other pets in need. Thank you everyone for your incredible support!

You can still save lives like Melvin’s by donating today

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Melvin is a sweet, playful dog that dotes on his “mom,” Hong and his human brother. As a single mom struggling to make ends meet, Hong depends on Melvin for comfort and support.

Hong and her son recently moved back to San Diego to be close to her ailing father. Due to the effects of COVID on local businesses, the job that she had lined up had fell through, leaving her to find lower paying employment and also work as a delivery driver on the side.

Melvin showed signs of bladder stones earlier this week which were being treated by her regular veterinarian. Unfortunately, the situation came to a head last night when Melvin was struggling to urinate for a long amount of time and it had quickly turned into an emergency situation. For a male dog, a urinary obstruction is life-threatening and requires immediate surgical intervention.

For Hong and her family, this was the worst time to be facing large medical expenses. Having already spent her life savings on the emergency veterinary care so far, Hong reached out to FACE for help. We have committed to ensuring Melvin receives this crucial surgery to save his life.

Hong says, “Melvin has only been a part of our family for 2.5 years but we can’t imagine a life without him.”

FACE has pledged to help this loving family…will you help Melvin and Hong?STW Donate Button - JFCS of Greater PhiladelphiaPlease write “Melvin” in the Gift Notes box, or call FACE at 858-450-3223 to donate today.

Melvin the Pug

Click on the video above to get a glimpse into Melvin’s life –
he takes his blankie everywhere he goes!