Lives Saved through Yogi Bear’s Fund!

We have to give a huge THANK YOU to the supporters of FACE through Yogi Bear’s Fund!

When he was just 5 months old, Yogi went into the ER because he wasn’t feeling well and within 5 hours, he was in critical condition. It turned out Yogi was fighting for his life battling a residual case of pneumonia, bacterial meningitis, and canine parainfluenza. He needed an ICU bed, isolation, transfusions, multiple tests and medications. Yogi had a great team of care takers, and through his long journey his pet parents, Danielle and Evan, learned something.

They were fortunate enough to be able to afford his treatments, but Yogi’s doctors said that 90% of people in our position would have had to euthanize Yogi on the first day. That fact break broke their hearts. They chatted things over with Yogi and instead of taking donations for him, they decided they really wanted to pay it forward so at least one other family could save their baby.

Through their fundraising efforts, they have helped raise enough to save five other families’ beloved pets through FACE! We are so grateful to them and their supporters who believe in saving pets and helping families. Yogi just recently celebrated his 1st birthday, and we couldn’t be happier for them!