Keeping Your Pets Cool This Summer


Summer is a great time for having fun with your pets, but it’s important to keep a few simple things in mind to make sure your pets don’t overheat, both outdoors and indoors, in the summertime.

The core body temperature of cats and dogs is warmer than humans…generally around the 101.5 degree mark. Your pet is in danger of heatstroke if his body temperature rises to around 103 degrees. A fatal core body temperature for pets is 107 degrees.


How can you make sure your pets stay cool this summer? Just follow these simple, common-sense guidelines.

  • Never leave your pet alone in a parked car in warm weather, even if it’s parked in the shade with the windows down.
  • Close the curtains or blinds during the hottest part of the day in rooms that get a lot of sun.
  • Make sure you always have plenty of fresh drinking water available, both indoors and outdoors. Be sure to change the water in outdoor bowls frequently.
  • Give your pets access to rooms with cool tile floors, like laundry rooms and bathrooms.
  • Make sure your garden has cool shady spots for your pets to lie in if they spend time outside.
  • Brush or comb your pets frequently to get rid of any mats, which can trap heat.
  • Pay special attention to pets with short muzzles like Pugs and Persians, as they are more susceptible to overheating.
  • Take your dog for walks in the morning and evening to avoid the heat of the day. Consider using protective paw wax if your dog’s feet get exposed to hot pavement.