Paws for a Cause: Help Save Sake


Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, Sake was able to have his surgery yesterday! The operation went smoothly and he is set to return home to his family today or tomorrow.

Any donations in excess of Sake’s care will go towards other pets in need. Thank you everyone for your incredible support!

You can still save lives like Sake’s by donating today

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Sake has a life-threatening urinary obstruction and needs emergency surgery today to survive. Will you donate now to help save Sake?

Sake is an adorable Persian cat who was rescued 10 years ago by his family – Pippi, a single mom & nurse, and her two human children. Sake quickly became Pippi’s best friend and a big part of his family’s life. Sake is expressive: he talks to his mom, jumps on her for attention, and loves to join her on walks outside in a stroller. Sake is like a brother to his two human siblings and his adopted Persian sister cat named Sushi – they cannot imagine life without him.

Unfortunately, Sake recently developed bladder stones causing a urinary obstruction. After being rushed to The Veterinary Emergency Group in Encinitas, his vet was able to unblock him, but he soon re-blocked, became lethargic, and started falling down. The only option now is to have an emergency surgery to remove his bladder stones.

Pippi is a hardworking nurse and health hero which means so much to us during these difficult times. As a single parent of two on a limited income, she doesn’t have the means to pay for Sake’s life-saving surgery, and told FACE, “It is hard to lose a family member, but even more crushing when it’s not time to lose them.” FACE has committed to ensuring Sake receives this crucial surgery to save his life and keep him with his family.

Please help FACE save our 3,000th life by supporting Sake and his family today.

Be a Part of FACE History: Once Sake’s surgery is completed, she will mark FACE Foundation’s 3,000th life saved – a huge milestone. We thank all who make saving pets and helping families possible.

FACE has pledged to help this loving family…will you help Sake?STW Donate Button - JFCS of Greater PhiladelphiaPlease write “Sake” in the Gift Notes box, or call FACE at 858-450-3223 to donate today.