Good Kitty, Good Puppy! Animal Heroes Save Lives

Hero Cat

A news story out of Russia is getting a lot of attention lately. A homeless cat in the city of Obninsk, known to locals as Masha and described as very calm and friendly, saved a 12 week old baby boy from freezing to death. The baby was abandoned on the street in a cardboard box. Masha climbed in the box to warm and protect the baby, who survived the cold unharmed.

Cue the cynics who will say that the cat was just trying to warm herself! That may be true, but witnesses who rescued the baby report that Masha was meowing and trying to get people’s attention. She also attempted to follow the baby into the ambulance and waited on the street for several hours for his return. Good kitty, Masha!

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Hero Dog

In another remarkable story, a little puppy named Cheeky Baby saved her best friend, a 12 year old boy, and the rest of his family, from a fire. Incredibly Cheeky Baby is only 7 months old! When the fire broke out in the middle of the night near 12 year old Jose’s bed at the Rodriguez home in Nebraska, the puppy jumped up on the beds of Jose and his brother and began licking and biting their faces until they woke up.

The boys managed to get the rest of their family up and out of the home safely. Cheeky Baby was running around making sure everyone was OK too. The house was largely destroyed by the fire but everyone survived thanks to one brave little puppy!

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