Fitness Trackers: The Latest Must-Have Accessory for Dogs!

Dog Fitness2

Fitness trackers (also called activity trackers) are showing up on nearly as many dog collars as people’s wrists lately. Like fitness trackers for humans, pet fitness trackers monitor activity such as steps taken and calories burned, as well as breathing and heart rate.

Several brands of pet fitness trackers have recently come on the market. While they can cost up to $200, many vets think that they are worth the investment. Dog owners are able to receive data about their pets’ activity (and inactivity) on their phones, which is especially useful when you are away and your dog is with the pet sitter or at doggy day care.

Dog Fitness1

The different brands of fitness trackers come with a wide range of useful apps to help you monitor your dog’s well-being.   Some of the more interesting features include:

  • GPS to track your dog’s exact location at all times
  • Activity reports that get sent to your vet
  • Temperature and light sensors
  • Medication and food logs
  • The ability to sync your phone with the phone of your dog’s caretaker

Dogs should have at least one 30 minute period of walking or other activity per day. A fitness tracker can help you and your dog maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Which is the best fitness tracker for you and your dog? Check out this helpful review from Canine Journal before you buy.