Fishermen Rescue Abandoned Kittens that Swam to Boat

Kittens boat

Friends Jason Frost and Brandon Key went fishing on the Warrior River in Alabama this past Saturday.  The last thing they were expecting to catch was cats.  The two men heard a splash and turned to see something swimming towards them, then they heard meowing.  One orange kitten was pulled out of the water and into the boat.

They then heard a second splash and another orange kitten had jumped from a nearby bank and into the water.  This kitten also swam towards the boat and was pulled to safety.

Frost and Key say that there were no houses around for miles, so they suspected the two young cats were abandoned there in the middle of the night.  The kittens were not too happy about that, obviously.

The two kittens were adopted by a family with young daughters who quickly fell in love with the courageous duo.  You can watch the full video of the rescue here: