PawNation Article


Another day, another lucky animal saved by a hard-working fire crew. According to Florida’s WPLG in Miami, Fla., a crew from the Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue freed a newborn kitten from a pipe.

The rescue team was alerted to the feline’s helpless situation by a group of children. Several kids were playing in a backyard in West Park when they noticed a meowing sound. They eventually followed the noise to a piece of 12-foot-long fence pipe laying on the ground with a tiny kitten stuck inside.

The firemen who responded to the call went to work carefully cutting the pipe to release the kitten from its tight situation. The rescuers realized once they released the animal that it was only a few hours old.

The little kitten took an engine ride back to the firehouse, where he was cleaned up and fed milk through a syringe. After giving the kitten some initial care, firemen took the feline over to the local Humane Society to receive professional treatment.