Falling Leaves, Healthy Pets

Dog Leaves

Pet health is important all year round, but did you know that your pets have special health concerns in the fall? Here are some autumn pet health tips to keep in mind, courtesy of Pets Best pet insurance:

Parvovirus: Vets see an increase in Parvo infections in unvaccinated puppies in the fall. Make sure your pets are protected!

Allergies: Dust and pollen in the air, triggered by the changing seasons, can bother dogs and cats as well as humans. Keep an eye out for respiratory symptoms, ear infections, and itchy skin.

Arthritis: Similar to humans, older pets can experience an increase in achy joints in colder weather.

Antifreeze: Car antifreeze tastes appealing to dogs and cats. Be sure to keep your pets away from antifreeze, as it can be fatal if ingested.

Hunting Injuries: Do you take your dog hunting in the fall? Dogs can experience limb injuries and lacerations. And be sure to protect your dog against fleas and ticks.

Halloween: Keep your pets away from chocolate, and make sure they don’t ingest loose candy wrappers.

Thanksgiving: Turkey alert! Feeding your pet too much, or inappropriate, human food can lead to pancreatitis and gastrointestinal problems.

Rodenticides: Rats and mice could seek warmth in your house or garage when the weather gets colder. Rat and mouse poison is flavored to entice rodents to eat it. Keep your pets away from rodent bait, as it is highly toxic to dogs and cats.

Cat Winter

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