FACE Saves 500th Life!

Time to celebrate together, FACE has saved 500 lives!
This is an exciting milestone for us here at FACE, and we would like to share with you the story of our 500th life saved.  Thank you to our generous donors, supporters, and veterinary partners who helped the FACE Foundation give 500 animals (and counting!) a second chance at life.

Meet Penny, our 500th Life Saved!

Penny is a tiny but tough Chi-weenie who came face to face with a poisonous snake. Penny survived the venomous bite, but she had a large open wound on her neck. She needed surgery to repair the wound and remove the necrotic tissue in order to save her life. 

When Penny’s owners learned the cost of her critical care, they were devastated.  They thought they would have to give her up to save her.  Penny’s family of five has been struggling emotionally and financially ever since their home and business burned down in the San Diego wildfires.  They lost everything, but at least they had each other. They couldn’t bear the thought of losing Penny, too.  

Thankfully, ABC Veterinary Hospital in San Marcos told Penny’s family about the FACE Foundation. FACE was able to help with the unexpected costs of Penny’s emergency care.  She had her procedure yesterday and went home last night.  Thank you to our wonderful donors for helping us save Penny, our 500th life saved!

Here is a short video about Penny and her family: