FACE Saves 2,000th Life!

Cleo is FACE’s 2,000th life saved! Cleo found her forever home when her “dad” found her abandoned and decided to adopt her. One night, it was taking her longer than usual to return home. Cleo finally showed up late at Sean’s doorstep, dirty and crying in pain. Sean rushed Cleo to Bodhi Animal Hospital. Her veterinarian determined that Cleo had a severe leg fracture requiring surgery. Without treatment, euthanasia is the recommended course for animals who have severe injuries. Sean didn’t want Cleo to suffer, but did not have what was needed to cover the emergency costs of the surgery required. Thankfully, Cleo’s veterinarian referred Sean to FACE. Thanks to FACE and their partnership with Bodhi Animal Hospital, Cleo was able to receive her life-saving surgery. She will remain an indoor cat from now on, and Cleo also marks FACE’s 2,000th life saved!


Cleo, FACE’s 2,000th saved fife!

Cleo with owner Sean, FACE Grant Coordinator Patty Mendez, Bodhi Vet Dr. Hodgson & staff