Electronic Cigarettes a Health Risk to Pets


A 14 week old puppy from the U.K. named Ivy recently died after eating a nicotine capsule from an electronic cigarette. Despite receiving quick emergency veterinary treatment, Ivy did not survive the toxic effects of the nicotine.

This sad story serves as a reminder that both regular and e-cigarettes pose a danger to pets. Pets in close proximity to e-cigarette vapor are exposed to harmful substances, and the accidental ingestion of the nicotine capsules poses an even greater health risk.

Signs of nicotine poisoning in pets include vomiting, abnormal heart rate, incoordination, tremors, weakness, and collapse.   Nicotine is a fast-acting toxin and pets will show signs of poisoning in less than an hour.

Please keep e-cigarette items away from your pet, and be sure to seek veterinary treatment if your pet eats nicotine capsules, tobacco products, or nicotine gum.

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