Dog Gets 3D Printed Prosthetic Legs

Derby, an adorable dog born with deformed front legs, was with a New Hampshire rescue organization called Peace and Paws when Tara Anderson fell in love with him and decided to foster Derby while he waited for his forever home.

Derby was first outfitted with a cart with large wheels to help him get around. While it did work, it was bulky and awkward and he didn’t have the best mobility. Luckily, Tara just happens to work for a computer company called 3D Systems. Tara’s colleagues at 3D Systems decided to design Derby a pair of 3D printed prosthetic legs. 3D printing is a more efficient way to craft multiple sets of artificial legs than hand sculpting each new pair, as they intend to increase the height of Derby’s prosthetics over time, as he gets used to them.

Derby’s new legs have a curved design, to make it less likely that they will get stuck in dirt or mud when he goes outside. Derby now has a permanent new home with Sherry and Dom Portanova. They were thrilled to see Derby run around with ease the very first time they put the prosthetics on his front legs. Derby happily goes running with his owners 2-3 miles every day, and they have a hard time keeping up with him! Congrats to Derby and the great people who helped him out!