Does Your Dog Need a Summer Haircut?


One of the most common questions dog groomers get is whether or not a dog’s coat should be shaved in warm weather to help keep her cool. And the answer is…maybe! Here’s some advice from the experts to help you decide if shaving your dog is the right thing to do.

A dog’s coat insulates her from the cold and also acts as waterproofing in some breeds. In the warm weather, a coat that is brushed thoroughly “lofts” as the dog moves, allowing air to cool the skin. Removing the hair can remove this built-in air conditioning.


When to shave your dog’s coat

Dogs that are active, get themselves dirty, or are prone to allergies and mats can benefit from a trimmed coat. Bad mats trap heat and moisture.

Breeds with hair that grows constantly (such as poodles and cocker spaniels) also need trimming, and do fine with a short clipping. Certain breeds (like terriers) require trimming to conform to breed standards.


Dogs with a lot of dense fur can benefit from a “thin and trim” cut, also called a “teddy bear” or “puppy cut.” The dog’s coat is sculpted with trimmers but not cut too close, and then given a final finish with shears.

When not to shave your dog’s coat

Certain northern and spitz-type breeds (such as huskies and Pomeranians) should not be shaved. Shaving can cause permanent damage to the outer hairs and results in a condition called “clipper alopecia.” The outer coat many never grow back, and the dog will be left with just the fuzzy undercoat, giving her a balding appearance.


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