Creative Fundraising Ideas for Animal Charities


The FACE Foundation recently received a wonderful surprise from this cute pup Winnie and her parents!  Winnie and her people have been collecting spare change they find on the ground during their daily walks for the past few years.  They collected almost $200 which they generously donated to FACE to help save the lives of local pets in need.

Here are a few other fun and creative fundraising ideas for animal welfare non-profits:

Doggy Treat Bake Sale


Volunteers can donate homemade dog treats and you can hold a bake sale for your organization.

Animal Nail Art


Have some volunteers who love doing nails?  Host a pet-themed manicure party!

Dog Kissing Booth


Who wouldn’t want to get some wet doggy kisses for a good cause?

Let us know if you have any creative, animal-themed fundraising ideas of your own!