Bay Park Veterinary Clinic

The doctors and staff at Bay Park Veterinary Clinic have been dedicated to high-quality veterinary care for San Diego pets since Dr. Crosby Roper established his practice in 1993. The clinic is a relatively new FACE Save a Life partner, but Dr. Roper is enthusiastic about working with FACE to help his clients save their pets. “FACE offers us an opportunity to help pets that might otherwise go without treatment due to circumstances beyond the owner’s control,” says Dr. Roper. Dr. Roper is a strong believer in our mission to end economic euthanasia in San Diego County. “I like the opportunity to help people who feel they are not able to afford necessary care for their pet, and are faced with a difficult decision and the loss of their pet solely due to their economic situation,” he says. As an example of our partnership in action, Dr. Roper points to a Labrador retriever named Buddy who had a splenic issue. “The owner had very limited means and was very attached to Buddy,” reports Dr. Roper. “Through FACE, he was able to afford the surgery Buddy needed and had him for several more years.”

Dr. Roper and his wife have 3 dogs and 2 cats of their own. “I love a small energetic dog loaded with personality and a sense of humor,” he says. “I’m also partial to a nice calm cat!” When away from the hospital, Dr. Roper enjoys sailing, photography, and taking walks with his wife and dogs. Dr. Roper looks forward to a continuing relationship with FACE, and describes the FACE team as professional, efficient, and helpful. Would he recommend other hospitals work with FACE? “Yes,” says Dr. Roper. “It will give them the opportunity to help pets in need that might otherwise go untreated.” FACE extends our sincere thanks to Dr. Roper and the entire team at Bay Park Veterinary Clinic for working with us to help save pets in need of critical veterinary care!