Animal Rescue Efforts in Nepal


We’ve all seen the human fatality numbers and the terrible destruction caused by the earthquake in Nepal. Often overlooked is the suffering of animals when a natural disaster hits. According to National Geographic, domestic animals are often kept under houses in Nepal, which means that many were killed and injured during the earthquake.

Livestock animals such as cows, sheep, and goats are often a main source of income in rural Nepal, so the loss of these animals is financially devastating to Nepalese families. Pets like cats and dogs that survived the quake are often abandoned by people fleeing destroyed homes and villages. These pets are left on their own to survive.


Luckily for the animals, several humane organizations are working to help pets and livestock in need of aid. The Humane Society International has sent a rescue team to Nepal to provide emergency veterinary care for the animals. The Animal Welfare Network of Nepal has also been working to help the animals in need of care.

Help for the animals means help for the families that own them, both because of the income generated by healthy livestock, and because the people of Nepal (like people everywhere) love their companion animals and want them to be saved.