7th Annual Howliday in a Bottle a Fun Time for All!

On Sunday, December 8th, Rancho Santa Fe high schooler Maranda Phillips held her 7th annual “Howliday in a Bottle” open house, benefiting FACE! This fun event featured dozens of beautiful, homemade decorative bottles (each bottle features lights inside to give them a personal, decorative touch), floral arrangements, and more! Proceeds benefited local pets in need of life-saving veterinary care.

This was Maranda’s 5th year supporting FACE. When asked why she choose FACE, Maranda explained, “I thought about how terrible it would be if [my dog] Missy got hurt and we couldn’t afford it…she’s like a sister to me. I would be really grateful if someone donated money to save her.”

Maranda’s inspirational and selfless project will hopefully inspire others to get involved in the charities they care about. “I have never met a more driven and passionate young woman with as much charisma and dedication to animal welfare as Maranda,” says Stacy Steel, FACE’s Executive Director. “We are so thankful for her kindness and generosity.”