FACE Saves 3,000 Lives!

MILESTONE: FACE Foundation Saves 3,000 Pet Lives in San Diego

We are celebrating our 3,000th life saved through FACE’s Save-A-Life Program. Recently, “Sake,” an adorable Persian Cat, had a life-threatening urinary obstruction and needed emergency surgery to survive. He is now the organization’s 3,000th life saved!

Sake was rescued 10 years ago by his family – Pippi, a single mom & nurse, and her two human children. He quickly became Pippi’s best friend and a big part of his family’s life. Sake is expressive: he talks to his mom, jumps on her for attention, and loves to join her on walks outside in a stroller. Sake is like a brother to his two human siblings and his adopted Persian sister cat named Sushi – they cannot imagine life without him.

Unfortunately, Sake recently developed bladder stones causing a urinary obstruction. After being rushed to The Veterinary Emergency Group in Encinitas, his vet was able to unblock him, but he soon re-blocked, became lethargic, and started falling down. The only option was to have an emergency surgery to remove his bladder stones or risk death.

Pippi is a hardworking nurse and health hero which means so much to us during these difficult times. As a single parent of two on a limited income, she didn’t have the means to pay for Sake’s life-saving surgery. Thanks to the generosity of volunteers, donors, and veterinary hospitals like Veterinary Emergency Group Encinitas, FACE was able to provide a financial grant to help Sake get the surgery he needed. “Pippi puts her life on the line every day for her fellow San Diegans. We were so happy to ‘pay it forward’ by giving her beloved Sake the help he needed” says Danae Davis, Executive Director of the FACE Foundation.

Sake received his emergency surgery and is now recovering at home with his loving family. His mom says, “Donations to FACE saved Sake’s life and saved our life because our whole lives would change without him. It is hard to lose a family member or pet, but even more crushing when it’s not time to lose them – that is the hardest thing to accept, especially when you feel it is your fault for not being able to afford it. That would be a loss of a family member – he brings us so much joy every day. We look forward to seeing him every day. If FACE wasn’t here I wouldn’t have him to go home to. Thank you so much.”

Becky Kobari, Hospital Manager at Veterinary Emergency Group says, “As a new 24 hour emergency hospital in San Diego, we are so thankful to get to work with the FACE Foundation and provide needed care to families in our community.”

About FACE Foundation

FACE Foundation was created in 2006 to combat the problem of “economic euthanasia” – the tragedy that occurs when pet owners are forced to euthanize their beloved companion animals because they cannot afford emergency veterinary care. FACE strives to save lives, reduce economic euthanasia, and increase the wellness of San Diego’s pets. FACE has saved the lives of over 3,000 local pets by providing financial grants in partnership with 183 veterinary partners throughout San Diego County to pet owners in need.

Now celebrating 3,000 lives saved through FACE’s Save-A-Life program, FACE Foundation thanks its supporters for their dedication and passion to saving pets and helping families.

Help save a pet in need by calling 858-450-3223 or visiting www.face4pets.org/donate to donate.