Elizabeth and “Asher”

“Without FACE foundation our baby wouldn’t be here with us today. 3 weeks ago we noticed my one year old baby Asher straining to urinate so we called his vet and they suggested we bring him in because it could be more than a UTI specially since he was a male cat. We rushed over there as soon as we could and come to find out the boy had a severe urinary blockage. Unfortunately his veterinarian couldn’t perform the surgery that night so they referred us out to another emergency dept that specializes in these cases. They wanted to do medical treatment first to see if maybe he could pass all the obstruction with the aid of a urinary catch unfortunately 4,000 dollars later they wanted to perform a PU surgery for the little guy. We were out of funds and options! His vet referred us to FACE and the rest is history! FACE got in contact with us within one hour despite it being thanksgiving and they gave the go ahead to perform the surgery. This little guy wouldn’t be here without FACE and Bohdi animal hospital. Thank you guys so much! I only wish to be able to donate more than I already do.”